A downloadable game for Windows

I was working on a jam game called In the Shade of the Puffin about beating up fish, but was not able to complete it, so this is basically what I got done on that game plus a bonus game about backing into Sam Jackson's arm.


Esc or F key to toggle fullscreen

WASD to move

Left Mouse click or E to interact

Space to start game

Move around a sketch of what the game might of sort of looked like if I finished it. The third or possible forth strand type game.

Avoid the electric fences and try to back into Sam Jackson's severed arm while keeping away from the raptor. Oh it's you. Jake Rodkin would get the joke.

Made for Wizard Jam 10 


Art and game programming by Kevin Nie

Music by Chad Crouch


puffinv0.2.exe 16 MB

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