A downloadable game for Windows

The world has ended. Everyone is dead except for you. Fortunately, your grandpa left you his farm. Unfortunately, it is completely underwater. 

Featuring over six (6) fish to collect, two (2) possible endings, and one wiggly creature (that's you).

Created for Jam, Baby, Jam! 2021


WASD to move

LMB to fish (hold for farther cast, aim with cursor, click again to reel in)

RMB to zoom out

Tab to view inventory

Esc or F to toggle fullscreen

Secret Dev Commands (might break the game, use at your own risk ) :

Z to get all fish

R to restart the game

V  to skip to ending


fishingontheedge 18 MB


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OK this was actually really surprising and fun, it helped that I didn't actually look at the game page I think. 

The art was pretty good and the fishing mechanic worked really well I thought.